QuadraMed EMPI Solutions Relocates to High Security Texas Office

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RESTON, VA – Harris Computer Systems today announced that the QuadraMed EMPI Solutions business unit has relocated its Texas-based office to the Lotus Center, 3460 Lotus Drive, Suite 100, Plano, Texas. The division occupies 11,000 square feet designed to provide a high security working environment for up to 100 employees focused on delivering Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) cleanup services and software to healthcare clients nationwide.

New location of our EMPI Solutions business unit

New location of our EMPI Solutions business unit

According to Vicki Wheatley, Executive Vice President, EMPI Solutions, “Our clients trust us with their confidential patient information, and we place a premium on maintaining that trust. The new office has state-of-the-art physical security, as well as data security protocols supported by our corporate IT team. Creating an operational headquarters enables us to increase security and improve the level of services we offer, while having the capability to manage our rapidly increasing client base.”

EMPI services and software play a critical role in the healthcare continuum. It is important for healthcare organizations to accurately identify their patients and providers, and manage the quality of data in their systems. QuadraMed EMPI services identify and resolve duplicate records to merge a person’s disparate records to his or her single unique identifier. QuadraMed EMPI software continuously monitors the healthcare organization’s record systems to prevent the creation of new duplicate records, and quickly enables detection and resolution of data integrity errors that could negatively impact patient safety and the quality of care clinicians provide.

Line-of-sight staff supervision improves communication

Line-of-sight staff supervision improves communication

In this era of value-based reimbursement, manual record cleanup services are seldom cost-effective for healthcare providers. Hospitals do not typically have resources available for time consuming merge tasks, and employees working remotely, especially from home or other unsecured locations, increase the risk of a data breach. QuadraMed recognizes the need to secure patient identity and medical information, while utilizing technology to improve the speed and accuracy of data remediation projects.

QuadraMed’s EMPI software and service delivery is managed by employees headquartered in the new high security office. Physical security is provided by MCS Fire and Safety, a division of Argyle, and includes sophisticated access and egress controls. Line-of-sight staff supervision improves communication, productivity and quality. Multiple layers of security protocols have been implemented to ensure clients’ demographic and medical information is accessed and managed in a secure electronic environment that complies with federal HIPAA requirements.

“Every company that handles healthcare information must make data security and protection against breaches and disclosures a high priority item,” said security officer Katie Rose. “For physical security, we even took into consideration protecting the screens of employees’ computers so that anyone nearby cannot casually read the information being displayed. We take our responsibility for security very seriously.”

Staff breakroom

Staff breakroom

On average, healthcare organizations experience a 10 to15 percent EMPI error rate in their clinical and financial systems. That means at least one in ten people have multiple, fragmented records in organizations where information governance programs have not been implemented. A clean EMPI does more than give healthcare providers confidence they are accessing the one complete, accurate medical record for each patient. It is a key factor affecting the performance of electronic health record (EHR) systems as the healthcare industry works to meet mandates for system interoperability. Healthcare industry analysts estimate that EMPI market growth potential, which includes provider organizations such as hospitals, multi-facility organizations, IDNs, physicians’ offices, pharmacies and labs, is approximately 40 percent per year.

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