Prove Your Person-Centered Care Efficiency

ACO iconWhen patient records are accurately matched and consolidated, your health system can better track the utilization of services for each patient and prevent duplicative treatments and wasted medical costs to meet your ACO’s requirements.

A unified patient index can improve reimbursement rates, boost revenue cycle efficiencies, and minimize the legal and financial liabilities associated with patient identification errors.

Prove that your health system understands the medical needs of every patient in your care by accurately and consistently identifying the right patient record for more efficient population health. Easily compare files from your payers with your patient population and gather the appropriate identifiers to retrieve clinical data and report results.

Accurately track patient activity, resource utilization, and billing claims with a singular identifier that stays with patients as they change facilities or insurance providers.

Our comprehensive patient identity systems and services boost patient matching accuracy for high-quality longitudinal care across facilities, departments and IT systems.

Get Your Patient Data Clean
Data Cleansing, Duplicate Remediation & Ongoing EMPI Management

Keep Your Patient Data Clean
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