When Your Hospital Is Front-Page News, Let It Be for the Right Reasons

You’ve heard the patient mix-up horror stories and subsequent legal fallout:

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Stay Ahead of the Compliance Curve

As federal initiatives for advanced patient matching and unique patient identifiers move through the legislature, mandates in the patient identification space are coming. Stay ahead of the compliance curve and become a leading example in low duplicate rates, clinical quality, and patient safety.

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Will Your Hospital Be Ready to Meet New Targets?

Prepare for future patient matching standards and patient identification mandates, including Meaningful Use Stage 3 best practices for identity management. An ONC roadmap for accurate individual data matching calls for an internal duplicate record rate of no more than 0.5% by the end of 2020.

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Advance Safety Initiatives

An efficient, automated EMPI that minimizes future patient identification errors will help advance your hospital’s data quality and patient safety initiatives tied to Meaningful Use, the Patient Safety Act, and other current and future federal programs.

Do You Know Your Duplicate Rate?

Speak with one of our EMPI experts to learn how patient identification errors are impacting your health system.