• "After being charged with the responsibility of the EMPI cleanup kick off, I was initially stunned and doubtful about the daunting tasks that lay ahead. However, soon after meeting with you and spending long days working together, I realized that I was actually in a good place and developed a sincere liking and respect for the QuadraMed team. I was glad to be working with such a great Q-Team! Kudos for exceeding the system’s expectations!"

    Sharif Zyhier, RHIT
    Sharif Zyhier, RHIT HIM Manager | West Penn Hospital
  • "QuadraMed was chosen because they were willing to partner and they had the most sophisticated matching algorithm out of the three vendors we had looked at. The number one critical factor is data integrity. By having this regional enterprise master person index, we’ve been able to do many different types of analysis and take it to the next level."

    Theresa Mendoza
    Theresa Mendoza Director of Quality, Business Intelligence & Data Services | Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
  • “We were an extraordinary success story. We went from an 11.1% duplicate record rate to 0.2%. That has made a significant difference. It also facilitates the registration process, because when the registrar is doing the registration, they will only find one medical record number. So, the workflow process improves, as does efficiency and, of course, patient safety.”

    Maria Muscarella, RHIA
    Maria Muscarella, RHIA Assistant VP, HIM | Newark Beth Israel