Referential Matching–Why It Matters

Data integrity in patient records erodes quickly:

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45M People Move Annually

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2.5M People Die Annually

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21M Employment Changes Annually

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Proprietary linking technology and vast referential data can match records to unique individuals to expedite the resolution of unmatched patient identities or duplicate records.

Referential matching is a distinct approach that augments the patient matching of EHR and EMPI technologies. But it is not a replacement for an EMPI to ensure accurate patient identification. Instead of comparing only the demographic data within the hospital records, referential matching technology matches patient demographic data to a comprehensive, constantly updated reference database of identities.

Referential Matching Enhanced with LexisNexis

LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ vast referential repository of data sources is used in conjunction with information uncovered during QuadraMed’s EMPI projects to ensure correct patient record matching. The result? Expedited resolution of unmatched patient identity or duplicate records to unique identities.

“By querying LexisNexis Risk Solutions for the most current demographic data when the data available to us is insufficient, we greatly increase our ability to match and merge records during our cleanup engagements. This leaves our customers with better data and has a positive impact on patient care, patient and physician satisfaction, and revenue for the organization.”

—Mike Tardif, Executive Vice President, Harris Healthcare