Dirty EMPI? Clean It Up Securely with QuadraMed.

Manual duplicate detection and clean up can cost a typical hospital anywhere from hundreds of thousands to several million dollars, which is why many patient identification errors are left unresolved. However, operating with the typical 8–12%1 or higher duplicate rate puts your patients, providers and health system at risk. You can’t afford to ignore patient identity errors.

Clean Up Your Medical Records

Our industry-leading patient record cleanup services will deliver up to 99% data accuracy.

We take extreme care of your patient information, load it directly into our analytics engine for maximum efficiency and safety, and perform the entire data analytics and cleansing operation in house from our secure, HIPAA-compliant operations center in Plano, TX.

98 percent data accuracy
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One Vendor for All EMPI Software & Services

By trusting one company for patient data analytics, cleansing, EMPI software, and patient authentication technologies, you minimize the “changing of hands” of your data and the risk of a data breach or HIPAA violation.

With our professional EMPI services and software, we never outsource or subcontract out your sensitive data.

Your health system is only as secure as the partners you trust with your patient data. QuadraMed® is a five-time winner of the Best In KLAS award for EMPI and a two-time recipient of the Black Book top ranking for EMPI software and services.

Keep Your EMPI Clean

A clean EMPI is only the start of patient identification improvement. Keep your EMPI clean with software and authentication technology that makes it easy to identify the right patient.

1 AHIMA, Why Patient Matching is a Challenge: Research on Master Patient Index (MPI) Data Discrepancies in Key Identifying Fields, 2016


Our SmartCleanup services resolve legacy data quality issues and help health systems maintain accurate patient records enterprise wide. Our EMPI cleanup experts will facilitate one-to-one patient record matching and create a consolidated patient index to prepare your enterprise for initiatives that require a single record system.

Probabilistic Record Matching: Our sophisticated probabilistic algorithm—the same one used in our industry-leading EMPI software—is proven to boost patient record matching accuracy.

EMPI Consultants: Following a complete quantitative analysis, our EMPI experts will facilitate a review of all data integrity issues and execute remediation strategies.

Best Practice Development: We develop best practice procedures and documentation to help your health system minimize patient identification errors in the future.

Project Automation: Our EMPI cleanup technology can automate and manage complex tasks and report to you on project activity.

Flexibility: We can perform EMPI cleanup services onsite at your facility, remotely from our secure operations center, or using a hybrid approach.

Experience: We have cleanup experience with a variety of leading EHRs, including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Siemens, Allscripts, IDX, GE Centricity, and others.

Use Cases

QuadraMed helps healthcare professionals from CEOs to front-desk administrators enhance patient safety, improve clinical quality, and boost operational efficiency by supporting single patient record initiatives enterprise wide. Learn how we can help you.

EHR Conversions: Do you know your duplicate rate? It’s probably higher than you think.

Health IT: Consolidate and cleanse your patient data to protect your HIT investments.

Management: Protect your patients and save your health system from expensive mistakes.

HIEs: Create one source of quality, accurate, enterprise-wide patient and provider data.

Legacy EHRs: Get a more accurate view into patient records than your EHR can provide.

Patient Safety: Avert medical disasters and stay ahead of the compliance curve.


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No patient’s health and safety should be put at risk due to improper identification or fragmented record keeping. Our industry-leading master person indexing services and software make it easy for health systems to provide the right treatments to the right patients with confidence.

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