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With important healthcare provider data captured in various systems and databases throughout the enterprise, it can be challenging to search for and find the provider information you need when you need it. As your health system grows, provider data management can become even more difficult.

Just as an enterprise master patient index creates one consolidated medical record for each patient, an enterprise master provider index can consolidate disparate provider data into a single source to streamline processes in credentialing, scheduling, and revenue cycle management across the enterprise.


Our Provider Index consolidates provider information from disparate databases into a single, consolidated, enterprise-wide master provider index.

Probabilistic Algorithm: Our sophisticated probabilistic algorithm tunes itself to your data and detects duplicate provider records, adjusting the weight for each match.

Automated Updates: Any updates made to a provider’s key information are instantly synced with the EMPI and made available enterprise wide so credentialing, scheduling, revenue cycle management, and others all work from the same accurate provider data.

User-Specific Views: Sort and filter your view of the EMPI based on the task at hand. For example, a user can filter the display to find all duplicates that need review and resolution, sorted by weight, date, or many other options. A manager can filter the data to see all duplicates assigned to a specific user that are unresolved and were identified within the past five days.

Enterprise-Wide: Our Provider Index includes both automated linking across domains and utilities to compare external files with the EMPI.

Key Provider Information: Create a single, trusted repository of key provider data, including demographic information, insurances accepted, languages spoken, addresses, phone/fax numbers, and federal and state identifiers.

Easy Integrations: Our APIs make it easy to integrate your provider index with other technologies across the enterprise.

Use Cases

QuadraMed® helps healthcare professionals from CEOs to front-desk administrators improve clinical quality and boost operational efficiency by supporting single provider record initiatives enterprise wide. Learn how we can help you.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Link provider records across every facility and HIT system in your enterprise.

Management: Streamline processes in credentialing, scheduling, and revenue cycle management across the enterprise.

Legacy EHRs: Get a more accurate view into provider records than your EHR can provide.


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Our industry-leading master person indexing and identity authentication processes make it easy for health systems to create a single source of provider information enterprise wide.

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