Our Algorithm Makes All the Difference

Most EHR and HIS vendors use deterministic algorithms to discover duplicate records, but those methods are highly inaccurate. Our sophisticated probabilistic algorithm detects duplicate and overlapping patient records with up to 99% accuracy.

Most EHR and HIS Vendors: Deterministic
  • 50% Accuracy Rate
  • Screens Against a Few Patient Identifiers
  • Requires Exact or Phonetic Match
  • Produces a High Volume of  “False Matches”
  • Utilized by Most HIS/EMR Vendors
QuadraMed: Probabilistic
  • Up to 99% Accuracy Rate
  • Screens Against Many Patient Identifiers
    Name, Gender, DOB, SSN, Address, Maiden Name, Phone, Race, Marital Status, etc.
  • Accounts for Human Error
    Name Misspellings, Aliases, Digit Transposition, Typographical, Nickname
  • Built-in to QuadraMed’s SmartID Platform

We Are EMPI Innovators

QuadraMed® employs the leading minds in EMPI strategy, implementation and innovation. With over 20 years of experience, we are the past, present and future of EMPI. Our innovative culture keeps your health system at the forefront of patient safety and quality care.

Leave EMPI to the Experts

EHR companies aren’t focused on EMPI innovations because that’s not their core offering. Leave care documentation to the EHRs. Trust QuadraMed to deliver accurate and efficient patient identification.

More Than EMPI Software

QuadraMed is more than EMPI software. We provide complete end-to-end patient identification solutions from issue identification and data cleansing to a sophisticated probabilistic algorithm and biometric authentication for future issue prevention.

quadramed's four pillars