Patient Identification: The First Step in Quality Care

Issues related to patient misidentification—such as medical errors, misdiagnosis, mistreatment, repetitive testing, denied reimbursements, and identity fraud—cost hospitals billions of dollars every year. Our patient identification systems and services protect your patients and save your health system from expensive mistakes.

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Keep Patient Data Accurate & Available

Our EMPI cleanup services and ongoing error prevention systems are built on an advanced probabilistic algorithm that provides real-time information, greatly minimizing the number of internal resources you need to dedicate to keeping your patient data accurate and available.

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Improve Diagnostic Confidence & Outcomes

Without an EMPI, clinicians often base treatments on a fragmented medical record in their siloed view at their facility. When clinicians know they are treating the right patient with the most current medical records, diagnostic confidence increases and care outcomes improve.

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Avoid Turnover & Re-Training Complications

Turnover among entry-level patient access staff is rapid and training those staff to identify duplicate patient records and choose the correct one is nearly impossible. The SmartID Platform guides patient access staff through the registration and scheduling processes to select the right patient record using a sophisticated search based on accurate data from an updated EMPI.

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Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

QuadraMed® never outsources or subcontracts your sensitive patient data. All of our professional EMPI diagnosis and cleanup services are managed from our secure, centralized, HIPAA-compliant operations center.

Do You Know Your Duplicate Rate?

Speak with one of our EMPI experts to learn how patient identification errors are impacting your health system.