Do You Trust Your EHR’s Duplicate Rate Reports?

legacy EHR iconDuplicate reports generated from legacy MEDITECH, Siemens, McKesson, or other EHR platforms are highly inaccurate. Your health system needs a more accurate view into patient records to proactively safeguard against medical errors, billing discrepancies, identity fraud, and other issues associated with patient identity errors.

Our probabilistic algorithm detects duplicate and overlapping patient records with up to 99% accuracy. A single vendor providing EMPI cleansing and ongoing duplicate prevention technology is the best way to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent patient identification errors.

Health IT upgrades present major constraints on your health system’s budget and resources. Our comprehensive EMPI offerings can prepare your patient index for seamless integration with new and existing health IT systems with minimal time, energy, and resources from your team.

Be prepared if you have to convert from your legacy EHR to a new or upgraded system.

Get Your Patient Data Clean
Data Cleansing, Duplicate Remediation & Ongoing EMPI Management

Keep Your Patient Data Clean
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