Just Associates, QuadraMed Power Harris Healthcare’s Data Integrity Solutions

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Just Associates, QuadraMed Power Harris Healthcare’s Data Integrity Solutions

 CENTENNIAL, Colo. – September 2, 2021 – Two top data integrity powerhouses have joined forces to bring healthcare organizations an unmatched level of innovation and expertise to solve the industry’s toughest data integrity challenges. As part of Harris Healthcare’s Data Integrity Solutions (DIS) Business Unit, Just Associates, Inc., and QuadraMed® Corporation are now partnered to deliver the advanced services and technology solutions needed to address the broad spectrum of challenges associated with patient matching and data integrity.

“Together, these highly experienced organizations will provide clients with best-in-class, industry-leading data integrity services and software that address key health information issues by reducing potential duplicate medical records and minimizing the ongoing cost of maintaining quality patient data,” said Lora Hefton, executive vice president, Harris’ DIS Business Unit.

From data analysis to cleanups, Just Associates performs the critical tasks necessary for hospitals and health systems to achieve and maintain a highly accurate and quality master patient index (MPI) – eliminating duplicate patient records and the misidentification and safety issues that a contaminated MPI can create.

Just Associates is proud to offer a state-of-the-art suite of identity management services and solutions, which includes:

  • IDSentry– continuous duplicate detection with HIM workflow and dashboard
  • IDManage™ – ongoing MPI management
  • IDResolve™ – customized MPI clean-up services

“Our focus is on helping healthcare organizations identify and resolve data integrity issues and ensure the accurate linking of patient data,” said Hefton. “This includes a full suite of nationally recognized data integrity services and solutions that identify and resolve data quality issues and ensure more accurate patient matching, while also supporting such key organizational goals as quality patient care, streamlined HIM workflows and enhanced revenue cycle efficiencies.”

QuadraMed brings to the table the expertise, systems knowledge and technology that enable delivery of tailored, value-added solutions that improve healthcare organizations’ financial outcomes and business processes and support the delivery of quality patient care. At the center of this expertise is the SmartID Platform™, a HIPAA-compliant EMPI management platform that diagnoses, treats, and cures errors. The platform delivers real-time duplicate and overlay detection and robust enterprise-wide patient search based on a probabilistic algorithm with up to 99% accuracy in matching patient records.

“Our industry leading EMPI and identity authentication systems make it easy for healthcare organizations to select the right patient record and personalize each patient experience, based on a comprehensive medical history, regardless of location,” said Hefton. “We go beyond duplicate elimination to set up the processes and systems necessary to prevent future patient identification errors from entering the EMPI.”

To learn more about the industry leading MPI and EMPI patient matching and data integrity management solutions from Harris Data Integrity Solutions, visit Just Associates’ virtual booth during the AHIMA21 Virtual Conference, taking place Sept. 20-22, 2021.


About Just Associates, Inc.

A recognized leader in health information data integrity and management for nearly two decades, Just Associates, Inc. (www.justassociates.com) is a healthcare data integration consulting firm that delivers superior value to its clients through improved patient matching. Just Associates has the process expertise and systems knowledge to deliver tailored, value-added solutions that improve clients’ financial outcomes and business processes, support delivery of quality patient care, and meet the expectations of diverse stakeholders through improved data integrity.


About QuadraMed

Founded in 1993, QuadraMed Corporation (www.quadramed.com) is a leading provider of patient identity solutions that improve the safety, quality and efficiency of patient care. Through a comprehensive set of software and services, QuadraMed diagnoses, treats, cures and prevents patient identity issues.


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