QuadraMed®’s EMPI Partners with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Partners to Prevent Patient Identification Errors

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Atlanta, GA and Plano, TX – March 19, 2019—QuadraMed, a division of Harris Healthcare has collaborated with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to improve patient matching for QuadraMed’s Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) software and clean-up customers. Specifically, QuadraMed’s EMPI data cleansing services will use LexisNexis Risk Solutions to expedite the resolution of unmatched patient identity or duplicate records to unique identities. LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ vast referential repository of data sources will be used in conjunction with information uncovered during QuadraMed’s EMPI projects to ensure correct patient record matching. 

QuadraMed diagnoses, treats, cures and prevents patient identity issues through software and services, including duplicate and overlap reconciliation. Its ability to confirm that multiple records represent the same person is dependent on the quality of patient data provided by healthcare systems which may be outdated or incorrect. LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ sophisticated, proprietary linking technology and vast referential data, including records from disparate public and proprietary data sources, matches these records to unique individuals to further expedite and automate QuadraMed’s services.

“QuadraMed is pleased to partner with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to augment data for our EMPI SmartCleanup™ engagements. Duplicate medical records are an issue within most healthcare systems today and can lead to fragmented care, patient and physician dissatisfaction, and billing errors,” said Mike Tardif, Executive Vice President, Harris Healthcare. “By querying LexisNexis Risk Solutions for the most current demographic data when the data available to us is insufficient, we expect to greatly increase our ability to match and merge records during our cleanup engagements. This, in turn, enables us to leave our customers with better data and has a positive impact on patient care, patient and physician satisfaction and revenue for the organization.”

“Our alliance with QuadraMed is a great example of industry experts combining different capabilities to tackle data fragmentation and help healthcare facilities offer safer and more efficient care,” said Josh Schoeller, senior vice president and General Manager of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Health Care. “Correct, complete records are fundamental for proper patient diagnosis and treatment as well as hospital reimbursement, as inaccurate patient identification can result in denied claims.” 

For additional information about QuadraMed’s EMPI solutions, please visit the QuadraMed EMPI website. To learn more about LexisNexis Risk Solutions patient linking technology, please visit the LexisNexis Risk Solutions website.

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About QuadraMed

Founded in 1993, QuadraMed is a leading provider of patient identity solutions that improve the safety, quality and efficiency of patient care. Through a comprehensive set of software and services, QuadraMed diagnoses, treats, cures and prevents patient identity issues. For information about QuadraMed, visit www.quadramed.com.

About LexisNexis Risk Solutions

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions harnesses the power of data and advanced analytics to provide insights that help businesses and governmental entities reduce risk and improve decisions to benefit people around the globe. We provide data and technology solutions for a wide range of industries including insurance, financial services, healthcare and government. Headquartered in metro Atlanta, Georgia, we have offices throughout the world and are part of RELX Group (LSE: REL/NYSE: RELX), a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries. For more information, please visit www.risk.lexisnexis.com, and www.relx.com.

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