Seeing Double at Registration? Choose the Right Patient with QuadraMed.

Registration is the biggest source of patient record duplication, data entry errors, and misidentification in many health systems. In fact, the average error rate for patient name entry at registration is 5–7%1 and patient registration errors are the cause of 30–40% of insurance denials2.

Our SmartID Platform guides patient access teams through registration and scheduling to help prevent patient identity errors and record duplication.

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Reduce Data Entry Errors

With an average entry error rate of 7% for first names and 5% for last names1—the most basic of patient identifying information—data capture accuracy is a top concern for health systems. Our comprehensive enterprise master patient index paired with leading patient identity authentication technology significantly reduces registration errors associated with manual data entry.

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Easy to Train, Easy to Use

Turnover among patient access staff is extremely high, with an average length of employment as low as 4 months for some health systems. Our easy-to-navigate interface is simple for new patient access staff to learn and use with minimal training.

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Streamline Patient Access Workflows

Our SmartAccess tool is powered by our complex, probabilistic record matching algorithm on the backend, but simplifies the view and workflow for scheduling and registration staff so they can quickly and confidently select the proper patient record.

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Identify Patients with Confidence

Industry-leading patient identity validation technology populates new patient registration fields with demographic information from driver’s licenses, confirms patient identity with accurate biometric scans, and integrates directly with the SmartID Platform to boost confidence at registration.

1 ONC, Patient Identification and Matching Final Report, 2014

2 Becker’s Hospital Review, Best Practices for Preventing Claims Denials, Optimizing Revenue Capture, 2016

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