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Duplicate patient records—each containing variations in names, addresses, birth dates and other personal identifiers—run rampant across hospitals, outpatient clinics, imaging centers, and ambulatory surgery centers using disparate technology systems. If your health system is acquiring or merging with any other facility, your patient index will inherit even more patient data inconsistencies, boosting your duplicate rates and the medical, billing, and safety issues associated with patient identity errors.

Establish a single source of truth with an enterprise master person index (EMPI) that pairs the most sophisticated matching algorithm with customer-approved automated matching rules to link patient records across every facility and health IT system in your enterprise.

The Smart ID Platform keeps your EMPI free of duplicates and overlaps with patient identification and authentication systems at every point of entry into the health system.

patient record duplicate rates

Get Your Patient Data Clean
Data Cleansing, Duplicate Remediation & Ongoing EMPI Management

Keep Your Patient Data Clean
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