Diagnose & Resolve EMPI Issues

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SmartScan EMPI Analytics Services

We have a deep understanding of your data and can ensure its accuracy using our in-house, propriety SmartScan EMPI analytics. We identify duplicate and overlap patient and provider data issues that need resolution.

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SmartCleanup EMPI Cleanup Services

EMPI algorithms are only as accurate and efficient as the patient data they use. After our algorithm identifies up to 99% of your potential duplicates, our automated decision rules efficiently detect record sets that can be programmatically confirmed as the same person. Typically, 40% or more of duplicate sets will be automatically confirmed, with the rest reviewed and confirmed by our team. We customize our processes to your systems, procedures, and retention rules.

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A clean EMPI is only the start of patient identification improvement. Keep your EMPI clean with software and authentication technology that makes it easy to identify the right patient.