Diagnose, Treat, Cure & Prevent Patient Identification Errors

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SmartID Platform

Empower your healthcare providers with accurate, comprehensive patient records to improve care decisions, patient satisfaction, care quality, and safety. Our probabilistic algorithm is up to 99% accurate in detecting duplicate and overlapping records, preventing new duplicate entries and protecting your health system from future patient identification errors.

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What if you could help prevent costly and devastating medical errors—the third leading cause of death in the United States—at the front desk? QuadraMed® helps prevent patient misidentification and record duplication, and subsequent medical errors, during registration with patient identity validation technology.

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Provider Index

Patients aren’t the only people your health system needs to track. Our master provider index delivers a single, consolidated source of provider information to streamline processes in credentialing, scheduling, and revenue cycle management across the enterprise. Easily identify, manage, and update provider details and identifiers across all systems.

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Add our award-winning SmartScanTM and SmartCleanupTM services to get the most out of your electronic patient identification software. Learn more about our comprehensive EMPI services.

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