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Registration Confusion? Choose the Right Patient with Confidence.

Patient registration errors cause 30–40% of insurance denials.1 Since most duplicate records are created at the point of registration, your health system needs to accurately identify and match patients with existing medical records to help prevent dangerous medical errors, insurance disputes, and costly billing inaccuracies.

QuadraMed® proactively prevents duplicate patient record creation during all points of entry into the health system. Our SmartAccess patient recognition technologies include an enterprise-wide search using our proprietary probabilistic algorithm, which can be enhanced with one or more of the following:

  • Driver’s License Card Swipe: Scans the EMPI for a match to the patient’s demographic information. If there is no existing record, QuadraMed automatically populates the registration system with demographic data from the driver’s license or state-issued ID with no manual entry by the employee.
  • Smart Card: Improves patient identification accuracy and efficiency by positively authenticating individuals at the point of care across the healthcare enterprise.
  • Biometric Authentication: Pairs easy-to-use, highly effective fingerprint, palm vein and facial recognition technologies with our probabilistic matching algorithm to eliminate patient identity errors, improve safety and clinical outcomes, and protect your health system from insurance fraud.
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1 Becker’s Hospital Review, Best Practices for Preventing Claims Denials, Optimizing Revenue Capture, 2016


SmartAccess—combined with our SmartID PlatformTM—gives your health system a powerful combination of probabilistic patient record matching and patient identification validation. Streamline the registration and scheduling processes and help patient access staff choose the right patient records with confidence, regardless of treatment location.

Probabilistic Matching Technology: SmartAccess guides patient access staff with easy-to-understand on-screen prompts to choose the correct patient record at the point of registration without creating duplicate records.

Enterprise-Wide Search: SmartAccess searches the entire enterprise master patient index for matching records, including all facilities and locations.

Workflow: Active integration capabilities ensure a seamless integration with most health IT applications that won’t interrupt your workflow.

Intuitive Interface: The Smart ID Access dashboard is easy to navigate and includes simple on-screen prompts using our advanced probabilistic EMPI search to suggest the most likely patient record matches at registration. Patient access staff can use the system with very little training time.

Process Improvement: The SmartID Platform is fully integrated with auditing and reporting capabilities to support evaluation of end-user duplicate creation, search and selection accuracy, and other process enhancements.

Scalable: The SmartID Platform and SmartAccess solutions are completely scalable to meet the needs of single facilities, health systems, and growing healthcare enterprises.


We offer several options for front-end patient identity validation and are adding more to our list. With an eye on the future of patient matching technology, our EMPI innovators are working on new patient identification capabilities.

Biometric Authentication: Our probabilistic matching EMPI solutions paired with two-factor biometric authentication technologies creates an industry-leading patient identification validation system. Ensure your health system is registering and treating the right patient with these biometric authentication technologies:

  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Palm Vein Scanning
  • Facial Recognition (coming soon)

Image Capture: The accuracy and safety of the driver’s license card swipe can be further enhanced by image capture at the point of registration. With image capture, patient access staff can scan the patient’s driver’s license and associate it with their record, adding another layer of patient identification assurance at the point of care.

Driver’s License Card Swipe: Convenient card swipe devices at the point of registration enhance the accuracy of patient identification and record matching. These devices read the encrypted demographic information from state-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards and the SmartID Platform automatically searches the EMPI for a patient record match. If the patient is not located in the index, demographic information from the driver’s license is populated into the registration system to save time and prevent data entry errors.

Smart Card: Our comprehensive EMPI data cleansing and patient record matching solutions can be paired with a full suite of patient identification validation technologies to increase patient safety, prevent identity and insurance fraud, and improve operational efficiencies.

Use Cases

QuadraMed helps healthcare professionals from CEOs to front-desk administrators enhance patient safety, improve clinical quality, and boost operational efficiency by supporting single patient record initiatives enterprise wide. Learn how we can help you.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Link patient records across every facility and HIT system in your enterprise.

Patient Safety: Avert medical disasters and stay ahead of the compliance curve.

Management: Protect your patients and save your health system from expensive mistakes.

ACOs: Track the utilization of services for each patient with an accurate EMPI.

Legacy EHRs: Get a more accurate view into patient records than your EHR can provide.

Patient Access: Guide patient access teams through registration and scheduling.


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