Convert with Confidence

ehr conversions iconDo you know your duplicate rate? If your health system plans to migrate to Epic’s EHR, it’s a statistic you need to control. A patient record duplicate rate over 3% will delay your EHR conversion until you reach the magic 3%. Get rid of your duplicate patient records—and keep them to a minimum—with complete data cleansing services and comprehensive patient identity management technology from QuadraMed®.

Already in the process of converting to a new EHR? You probably worked hard to get your duplicate rate under 3%. If you think your new Epic or Cerner EHR has sufficient mechanisms to prevent patient identification errors, you’ll be surprised when your duplicate rate climbs back to your pre-cleanup levels. EHRs simply do not have the sophisticated technology that EMPI specialists have to keep patient data clean.

We can help your health system get ready for an EHR conversion with programmatic data cleansing and prevent future record duplication post-conversion with advanced EMPI software and accurate patient identification technologies.

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Keep Your Patient Data Clean
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