Medical Center Health System Selects QuadraMed’s MPI Clean-up Services

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QuadraMed Eliminates Patient Identity Conflicts for Patient Safety

Herndon, VA—Medical Center Health System (MCHS) in Odessa, Texas has selected QuadraMed, a division of Harris Healthcare, to resolve all existing Patient Identity Integrity issues prior to going live with their new Cerner system in the spring of 2017. MCHS will use QuadraMed’s Professional MPI Clean-up Services to ensure accuracy and timeliness as patient information is transitioned between the systems.

Whether a small hospital, large healthcare enterprise, or Health Information Exchange (HIE), identity management can be a tremendous problem. These errors become more pronounced when transitioning from one system to another because each software system has different fields and criteria for patient name entry and matching. “We are looking to avoid some of the pitfalls that come with making a large transition like this,” explains Gary Barnes, Chief Information Officer. “The EMR is useful for documentation, but it assumes you already have the correct patient, and we really needed the experts at QuadraMed to ensure that we have a solid foundation when it comes to our patient index.”

Using QuadraMed MPI Services to “clean up” the patient index eliminates the confusion and errors that often result from duplicate or fragmented records. It also supports patient safety by helping prevent catastrophic misdiagnoses, inaccurate or unnecessary treatments and breaches of patient confidentiality through inappropriate disclosure of confidential information—and the financial costs these infractions incur.

QuadraMed was selected over leading competitors because its clean-up services are in-house and accompanied by a secure facility in Plano, Texas which added to Barnes’ confidence in MCHS’ selection upon visiting. Additionally, MCHS appreciates that QuadraMed also offers Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) software to manage the patient index on an on-going basis, and is evaluating the EMPI solution to help manage the patient entries and prevent the need for one-time clean-up services in the future.

About Medical Center Health System

Medical Center Health System is proud to be the most comprehensive healthcare provider in the Permian Basin. Founded over 65 years ago, the organization has grown from one facility into a family of healthcare providers delivering a broad range of advanced medical services to the people of Odessa and the surrounding 17 counties.

About QuadraMed

QuadraMed operates as a division of Harris Healthcare, which focuses on bringing together the best healthcare software and making it available and interoperable under one umbrella. Founded in 1993, QuadraMed provides award-winning, proven, flexible solutions that improve the safety, quality and efficiency of patient care. We streamline processes, increase productivity and drive positive clinical outcomes. QuadraMed includes 900 professionals who support clients at more than 1,200 healthcare facilities. Please visit our website for more detail.

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