Stop Losing $2,000 Per Patient Stay Due to Duplicate Patient Records

The average cost of repeated medical care due to inaccurate patient identification caused by a duplicate record is approximately $2,000 per inpatient stay and more than $800 per emergency department visit, according to Black Book Research.

QuadraMed can help you stop losing money with the most trusted EMPI software and services in healthcare.

#1 EMPI vendor by Black Book Research

QuadraMed Ranked #1 EMPI Vendor

QuadraMed was recently ranked the #1 EMPI vendor by Black Book Research.

Accurately Know YOUR Duplicate Record Count

Contact QuadraMed today at 800-945-8555 or complete the form below to find out if your hospital qualifies for a FREE SmartScan™ analysis of your Master Patient Index to determine exactly how many duplicate records and other dangerous patient identity problems are lurking in your system.

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