Healthcare Software Solutions & Services

Today, your organization faces complex regulatory, technology, and financial challenges like never before. Meanwhile, pressed to meet increasing demand to create the best possible patient experience

From our innovative self-service/patient engagement solutions to our ARRA-certified electronic health record that follows the patient throughout the continuum of care, we offer the solutions and services you need to overcome your most pressing challenges. Even after the patient returns home, our solutions continue working behind the scenes to deliver the return on investment
  • Automating and streamlining routine patient interactions for streamlined workflow, increased revenue, and an increase in patient satisfaction
  • Managing revenue cycle processes to prevent claims denials and accelerate bill payment
  • Decreasing AR days to improve your bottom line
  • Offering software and services that help you meet Meaningful Use requirements to maximize ARRA incentive funds

Our enterprise solutions and services address challenges in three primary categories:

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