Pre Care - Access Management

Patient Identification

Precise ID is an advanced solution for fast, accurate patient identification and effective prevention of patient identity errors. With its highly intuitive interface, advanced probabilistic matching capabilities, and direct integration with your Affinity healthcare information system, Precise ID addresses the patient-identification problem where it starts. It ensures that your staff “gets it right the first time,” so the rest of the healthcare delivery process can operate the way it is intended.


  • Eliminate patient identity errors
  • Reduce exposure to risk
  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Improve patient safety
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Expedite searching with the use patient’s driver license
  • Improve efficiency and staff productivity

Patient Registration

Our Patient Registration solution is a core, foundational component of the Revenue Cycle solutions designed to get the patient to their care quickly. From being fully integrated with QuadraMed’s Enterprise Scheduling to preregistration to admission, inpatient and outpatient, Patient Registration provides multiple registration flows tailored for various scenarios. It also provides customizable data collection requirements, comprehensive data capture, and integrated electronic document management, EDI, and HIPAA support.

This flexible solution delivers real value to your organization by enabling you to collect patient information required for admission, care, and billing while also managing beds and census reporting.


  • Increase efficiency with integrated QuadraMed Enterprise Scheduling workflow
  • Improve patient safety with Precise ID for exact person identification
  • Expedite the intake process and improve patient satisfaction
  • Automate eligibility and benefit verification and improve point of service collections
  • Verify address information and validate demographics
  • Improve regulatory compliance with embedded Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire capabilities and the ability to check medical necessity
  • Provides key information for billing as a registration by-product

Registration Auditing

QuadraMed Access Quality Manager (AQM), a rules-based, workflow-driven registration audit and quality improvement tool enables you to easily identify and correct patient data errors made during registration.

With AQM, a denial-prevention tool, your registration staff knows whether patient information is correct based on rules you define, so that you can identify and correct errors at the beginning of the revenue cycle before the information is billed, ensuring more timely and accurate payments and fewer denied claims.


  • Moves critical edits to earlier in the Revenue Cycle
  • Increase clean claim-submission rate. Improved productivity means fewer accounts in the Discharged-Not-Final-Billed status.
  • Improve accounts receivables metrics. User-defined rules invoked early in the revenue cycle ensure data quality, fewer rejected claims, and faster payment.
  • Improve staff performance with evaluation tools to review the productivity and accuracy of registration/billing staff. You can also assign accounts to proper staff for resolution.
  • Provide quality-improvement feedback to your staff with actionable business intelligence reporting and the ability to measure staff performance identifying areas for quality improvement.
  • Improve the quality of your data by moving edits previously performed at your clearinghouse to Affinity, the “system of record”