Why Acuity-based Staffing

Using AcuityPlus assures you have AND’s…and not OR’s. The ability to achieve an optimum balance between cost, quality and safety is key to a healthcare organization’s financial viability; and a major factor in this balance is nurse staffing to meet patient acuity.

The 5 Rights of Staffing are critical to achieving an optimum balance:

AcuityPlus provides evidence-based methodologies to determine the quantity of care (acuity) and type of care (complexity) required for each patient. A formal research process is conducted on a regular basis, with interim projects as needed to maintain the validity and transportability of each methodology – a unique feature provided by QuadraMed.

White Papers

Acuity-based Staffing as the Key to Hospital Competitiveness (Frost & Sullivan)

pdf iconExecutive Summary pdf iconWhite Paper

pdf iconFive Reasons Why CFOs Should Care About Staffing and Acuity

pdf iconNurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes: Bridging Research into Evidenced-based Practice

AcuityPlus Case Study

pdf iconSharp Healthcare Enhances Patient Safety, Quality of Care, & Staff Satisfaction in its Skilled Nursing Units


Overcoming Understaffing in Nursing

Advance Healthcare for Nurses

Lolla Mitchell MSN, RN

August 4, 2014

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Benefits of Acuity-Based Nurse Staffing

Advance Healthcare for Nurses

Ken Colbert, MS

February 19, 2014

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Putting Data in Nurses’ Hands

HealthLeaders Media

Gienna Shaw

February 21, 2014

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