Return on Investment

Nursing staffing can represent as much as 50% of hospital labor costs (over 20% of total hospital operating costs) and provides 95% of its patient care. Incrementing the precision of nurse staffing with acuity-based staffing will result in efficiency gains with significant cost savings, as well as improved patient care. There are numerous studies that support this.

Acuity-based staffing will result in: the Right number of staff, with the Right skill level, in the Right location, at the Right time, with the Right assignment.

Chart showing return on investment with QuadraMed AcuityPlus
  • This will help manage overtime hours, premium pay, and agency expenditures.
  • It will increase nurse satisfaction, which will in turn reduce nurse turnover.
  • Having the right nurse staffing has been shown to reduce patient’s length of stay. This will result in cost savings, as well as additional income potential with more available beds.

All this not only provides better and smarter patient care, it scan save millions of dollars each and every year.

Most U.S. hospitals have hundreds of nurses, some have thousands. Saving just 10% in typical overtime expenditures saves hundreds of thousands of dollars. A 250 bed hospital can save approximately a half million dollars each year.

Let us walk you through the specifics of your facilities, with a return on investment model. We will use your data, describe where the savings come from, and let you be the judge. The return on your investment using AcuityPlus will be in the millions of dollars.