Acuity-Adjusted Benchmarking

QuadraMed’s databooks are the only true acuity-adjusted benchmarking databases that provide direct comparisons not found in other benchmarking tools. The annual compilation of data encompasses more than 44 distinct clinical specialties. Customized benchmarking reports allow you to benchmark your organization against a target peer group.

Charts for ICU Workload by Hour and Day of Week, and Ortho Workload by Hour and Day of Week

The QuadraMed National Benchmarking Database is based on the use of the AcuityPlus workload measurement methodologies. The use of the objective and transportable AcuityPlus methodologies enables standard workload measurement across institutions. With the standard measurement of patient care workload, the QuadraMed National Benchmarking Database can provide managers with truly comparable workload, staffing, and productivity statistics.

The QuadraMed Database allows for unique multi-hospital and multi-year comparisons of operational statistics. The Database is valuable in identifying trends in patient populations, workload, staffing patterns, and care practices which affect productivity. By quantifying productivity issues, the Database can help institutions identify opportunities to more efficiently manage resources in an increasingly challenging patient care delivery environment.