We have been involved in patient classification since the early 1970’s. The original project plan was to create a staff scheduling system. In the initial development discussions for this project, it became evident that the need to quantify the number of staff to schedule was critical. The framework for core staffing patterns in a staff scheduling system must be based on the identified required staff– by day of week and hour of day. The staff requirements need to be based on more than the number or volume of patients, and have credibility; meaning that the results are based on research with reliability, validity and transportability. Thus, the research changed to create a tool to determine the staffing requirements (number of staff) required to meet the patient’s needs for care.

Over the years, QuadraMed has continued to maintain focus on the patient classification process. This has included both the research process to identify the patient’s needs for care to determine staffing requirements and the creation of a real time software system. Our current product, AcuityPlus incorporates our patient classification methodologies in a state of the art, real time software product. In addition to differentiating patients based on their needs for care, the AcuityPlus system incorporates patient admission/discharge workload, activity/procedure workload, and other workload not related to the patients registered on the specific unit. We are proud of the fact that we maintain the reliability, validity and transportability of our methodologies through ongoing research studies.

AcuityPlus today is a ‘transparent’ process; meaning classification is a by-product of electronic documentation and orders (physician and nursing), not a separate step or task. We integrate with all the leading EHR, Scheduling and HR solution providers.

Client satisfaction has always been a priority. We solicit client input and participation in the design process, research activities, and software enhancements. We are proud of the fact that we have maintained and grown with clients over the last 40 plus years. And, yes, we have clients that have been with us the entire time!