AcuityPlus: The power to transform data into knowledge
AcuityPlus: Great patient care, and patient safety, and cost savings, and staff satisfaction
AcuityPlus Transparent Classification: Improved data reliability. Uses existing electronic documentation.

AcuityPlus: Acuity-based Staffing


AcuityPlus: Great patient care

AcuityPlus improves patient care and staff satisfaction

The AcuityPlus methodology for patient acuity-based staffing was innovated in the 1970’s and is continually improved and validated. We now use existing clinical documentation to determine patient acuity, complexity, and resulting workload demands in real-time.

AcuityPlus users cannot imagine staffing, planning, and budgeting any other way.

If you are staffing based on any method that does not take into consideration data-driven, evidence-based patient acuity, AcuityPlus will make a difference for you and your organization.



You will have confidence justifying your staffing decisions based on the most precise acuity-based data in the industry.

  • Our commitment to the most intensive and most frequent validation process in the industry

Clinical Documentation Automates Classification

Longest tenured transparent classification system in the industry.

  • Enables your staff to spend more time caring about patients and less time worrying about staffing needs

Acuity Benchmarking

We are the only system that enables you to continually improve productivity and identify best practice opportunities by comparing your acuity data with other organizations.

Hassle-free Integration & Upgrades

You will need less time from your IT team. Your IT team will love us!

  • We fully integrate with any EHR/EMR, Scheduling, HR software system you have
  • Updates so simple you do them without assistance or additional costs—typically takes 10 minutes to 2 hours


The right number of staff, with the right skill level, in the right place, at the right time, with the right assignment
The 5 Rights of staffing

CASH: Using AcuityPlus will optimize staff assignments, resulting in reduced unplanned overtime, minimized use of staff agencies, and staffing that is matched to your team’s actual workload.

CARE: Using AcuityPlus has shown to improve staff satisfaction, length of stay, and bed management, all impacting patient care, patient satisfaction, outcomes, and cost.