Materials Management

As the hub of Affinity ERP Supply Chain Management solution, our Materials Management software effortlessly increases the efficiency of your staff and processes to reduce spend transaction and other materials management costs. Wasted time and effort are eliminated across the supply chain because data is centrally stored and shared online among relevant applications, processes, and people to create a paperless materials management environment.

By streamlining and automating many related processes and integrating fully with Accounts Payable and other critical business processes and functions, Affinity ERP software reduces errors, costs, waste, and stock-outs while enhancing your ability to:

  • Increase profitability
  • Free up budget for other priorities
  • Position your organization for increased growth
  • Be financially empowered to invest in initiatives that improve quality, service, and client satisfaction
  • Eliminate time-consuming, inefficient manual processes
  • Improve decision-making and reporting with access to real-time information

Powerful Modules

Our leading-edge Materials Management solution comprises the following powerful modules:


The Manager is an important component of our seamlessly integrated Materials Management solution because it allows you to guide and oversee your entire materials management system. Full integration with our Affinity E-Commerce and Accounts Payable applications ensures a seamless source-to-settlement solution that:

  • Manages multiple inventory locations and sets up relationships for inventory transfers
  • Tracks usage history for stock and non-stock items from a central item master file
  • Customizes item master views to enhance search capabilities
  • Attaches images to catalog items to assist in product identification
  • Creates and imposes a requisitioning approval hierarchy for capital and non-capital requests
  • Links to Affinity E-Commerce in the item master and the vendor master file
  • Identifies and tracks the usage of hazardous goods
  • Maintains or links to manufacturer materials safety datasheets

Inventory Control

With Materials Management Inventory Control you can:

  • Maintain unlimited perpetual inventory locations
  • Assign unique inventory replenishment methods for each inventory location
  • Track items on-hand and on-order for multiple locations
  • Use the latest handheld/barcode technology for automating par level replenishment and physical inventory counts
  • Instantly display inventory value and usage for stock and non-stock items
  • Transfer from one inventory location to many or from many to one

Invoice Reconciliation

Materials Management Invoice Reconciliation creates three-way integration from Receiving to Accounts Payable to Inventory Control for fast and easy reconciliation with no invoice re-keying. When an invoice is adjusted, Invoice Reconciliation automatically updates inventory prices and department expenses to eliminate reconciliation issues and time.


With Materials Management Issuing you can:

  • Use the latest distribution technology to monitor, project, and respond to the consumption of vital supplies throughout your organization
  • Manage inventory distribution to reduce departmental inventory stock-outs
  • Process incoming requisitions for stock items online without re-keying
  • Track department back orders and release them when received

Purchasing Screen

Purchasing is a key component of an integrated materials management system. It reduces spend transaction inefficiencies and costs. For even greater savings, Purchasing links seamlessly to Accounts Payable to eliminate reconciliation problems and to the Affinity E-Commerce B2B portal for time-saving e-commerce transactions.

Materials Management Purchasing allows you to:

  • Place orders online with suppliers
  • Create consolidated and manual purchase orders
  • View purchase order status as it changes
  • Drill into reconciliation information
  • Assign workflow and workload by buyer
  • Use wizards to capture and anticipate demand for stock, non-stock, non-file, and capital items
  • Create system-generated order recommendations
  • Indicate multiple ship-to locations on a single purchase order
  • Access and use online catalogs (drag-and-drop) via Affinity E-Commerce
  • Reconcile invoices instantly with Accounts Payable


With Materials Management Receiving you can:

  • Receive for single or multiple sites
  • Receive in a centralized or decentralized environment and restrict specified users to specific sites
  • Receive partial units of order by converting to units of issue
  • Over-receive shipments
  • Print delivery slips for department orders and inventory
  • Print materials safety datasheets for hazardous goods
  • Update stock on hand upon receipt
  • Instantly display items received and items on backorder


Materials Management Reporting significantly enhances your ability to create and distribute meaningful information to a variety of stakeholders in a timely and concise manner. Reports include:

  • Management Reports—Inventory Management reporting to anticipate and manage utilization
  • Financial Reports—Detailed end-user reporting on utilization and operating costs (supplies and services)
  • Audit Trail Reports—Management reporting to prevent costly errors
  • Performance Indicators—Evaluate your supply chain process, set benchmarking targets, and forecast and manage supply chain costs

Inventory Control

With Materials Management Returned Goods Memo you can:

  • See real-time updates of stock on hand
  • Create vendor returns for stock, non-stock, and non-catalog items
  • Re-open purchase orders for goods being returned