No other HR department responsibility is as likely to cause waves of dissatisfaction as the payroll system. Unmovable deadlines and a zero margin for error put a premium on its accuracy and dependability. To achieve efficiency and accuracy, best practice calls for minimizing the amount of manual intervention required. That's where an automated, integrated and industry-hardened software solution can be invaluable.

Payroll for Healthcare

The crown jewel of the Affinity ERP Human Capital Management Suite is our Payroll application. It has a processing engine that automates all aspects of complex pay and benefit calculations, assuring your staff that calculations are accurate.

Our Payroll application is strategically designed to be flexible enough to accommodate intricate labor contracts and employment arrangements with a minimal amount of manual intervention.

  • Powerful, flexible, table-driven Payroll processing engine
  • Create large, easy-to-read pay code descriptions
  • Effortlessly manage pay rate changes with automated seniority and calendar incrementing
  • Post direct deposits to any bank account
  • Customize employee deposit slips
  • Manage employee receivables
  • Automatically calculate shift and statutory holiday premiums
  • Perform reversals, adjustments, and exception pay processing
  • Automatically process retroactive pays
  • Quickly set up an unlimited number of benefits and deductions
  • Automatically validate time off requests against actual available balances; disallow excess requests
  • Calculate employee sick, vacation, leave, overtime, and seniority bank balances
  • Manage employee-specific earnings and deductions
  • Accommodate employees who work multiple rotations or shifts on any given day
  • Administer pension plans
  • Review historical time cards, registers, journal entries, pay slips and checks online
  • Easily generate regular and ad hoc reports in seconds
  • Import and validate transactions from leading scheduling products or simple Excel templates