Human Resources

It is crucial that frontline managers have key employee and position information at their fingertips to analyze and make timely, cost-effective decisions. Affinity ERP Human Resource modules allow you to easily manage complex scenarios for employees working in multiple positions and unions.

Employee Manager

Employee Information at Your Fingertips

Employee Manager is the heart of our Human Resources system. It puts crucial employee information at your fingertips using shared data files that can be managed from multiple points within the system. Manual intervention is minimized and decision-making confidence is increased.

Affinity ERP Employee Manager is designed for complex organizations where employees:

  • Have multiple jobs or positions
  • Are located in multiple departments
  • Work in multiple facilities
  • Work multiple rotations
  • Work multiple shifts on any given day
  • Belong to one or more unions or collective bargaining units
  • Are impacted by multiple pay rates
  • Earn diverse combinations of benefits

With the Employee Manager, you can:

  • Build New Hire checklists
  • Generate regular and ad hoc reports in seconds
  • Track complete employee job history
  • Create or edit employee records without impacting payroll
  • Select an employee's primary position for reporting and tracking purposes
  • Store unlimited contact information
  • Record emergency contacts and dependants
  • Store photographs and create ID cards
  • Track employee skills, professional development and training
  • Store incumbent positions an employee is eligible to fill
  • Organize performance and salary reviews
  • Track employee ethnicity to for EEOC reporting by occupation class
  • Ensure occupational health and safety compliance
  • Report on WCB incidents
  • Review historical time cards and pay slips
  • Access employee vacation, sick, overtime, and seniority bank information
  • Track extended leave and termination
  • Record and track tangible and intangible organizational property
  • Manage employee benefits and administer benefit claims
  • Track short- and long-term disability
  • Allow effective-dated adjustments of key tables without affecting payroll
  • Set up security access so that only users with appropriate rights can approve or cancel pending records
  • Assign an effective date to pending records, which determines the order in which records are processed

Position Manager

Build and Manage Positions

Affinity ERP Position Manager helps you develop, maintain, and access well-defined position descriptions and reporting structures. These are key to ensuring that budgets are accurate, job performance is maximized and new openings are quickly filled with qualified candidates. The graphical, online organization charting tools help you create a position framework for managing vacancies and controlling costs.

With the Position Manager you can:

  • Build easy-to-read graphical organization charts
  • Control position coding effortlessly
  • Create and update job descriptions
  • Attach required skills, certifications and education to position descriptions
  • Assign employees and monitor variances
  • Analyze competencies by position, FTE surpluses/deficits, certification, and skill requirements
  • Query assignments over a specified time frame


Create New Standards of Recruitment Efficiency

Want to save time when recruiting the right people? Look no further than Affinity ERP Recruitment. This module facilitates fully integrated, position-driven recruitment and timely response to recruitment needs. Affinity ERP Recruitment allows you to:

  • Define mandatory testing for applicants
  • Create position-driven forms with weighted, user-specific questions for routine activities such as interviews and performance reviews
  • Create new job postings in seconds
  • Track recruitment costs and provide total financial disclosure of the recruitment process
  • Set up evaluation criteria to search through applicant resumés
  • Easily maintain records throughout the recruitment life cycle
  • Facilitate consistent interviewing and post-interview candidate analysis
  • Identify best methods for recruitment through analysis of recruiters, job boards, newspapers and others

Applicant Manager

Streamline the Applicant Selection Process

Get through the hiring process more efficiently with Affinity ERP Applicant Manager. This module streamlines the short listing and selection process by using keywords to search for resumés. Applicant Manager helps to reduce costs by keeping much of the hiring process in-house and reducing your reliance on external consultants and agencies.

You can expect to:

  • Create and maintain a complete record for each applicant
  • Attach important documents such as resumés, references, and certificates
  • Use the Attribute Wizard to find applicants and employees based on specified criteria
  • Make offers to applicants and create offer letters
  • Record and track all offer information and communication
  • Place applicants in a pending state before hiring them
  • Transfer all relevant information from applicant records to employee records
  • Eliminate data re-entry while providing a complete profile of each employee

Labor Relations

Get a Grip on Grievances and Disciplinary Issues

The Affinity ERP Labor Relations module supports user-defined, step-driven management of individual and group grievance processes. This ensures responsiveness and completeness, aids organizations in meeting their legal requirements, and encourages positive relations with union representatives and members. You will be able to:

  • Attach and manage any important documents to grievance or discipline records
  • Attach reports and launch them from within the software
  • Manage disciplinary issues professionally
  • Quickly view and track the history of any discipline or grievance record
  • Track all grievance or discipline-related costs
  • Securely store communication logs for an accurate audit trail of actions, correspondence, and communication
  • Link a single grievance file to a group grievance

HR professionals no longer have to worry about struggling to manage employee records, no matter how complex the employment situation. Affinity ERP Human Resource modules streamline administrative tasks. Collecting and analyzing employee information has never been easier!