Accounts Payable Manager

Accounts Payable Manager allows for easy, one-time entry of vendor information used by multiple Affinity ERP applications and modules. Default settings for discounts, taxes, and special reports are kept here for use by the applications.

Vendor Management

  • A single point of entry for vendor information used by Accounts Payable and Materials Management
  • Quick, easy and accurate vendor data entry and access
  • Unlimited number of vendors
  • Have various addresses for a vendor (e.g., Order From, Pay To, and Return To addresses)
  • Identify vendors subject to 1099 reporting and their tax code
  • Produce 1099 reports without closing a financial year
  • Mark infrequent vendors as “inactive”
  • Mark vendors inactive for Materials Management when they provide services or seek reimbursement outside of scope
  • Store vendor reference number for the facility
  • Maintain telephone, fax, and e-mail accounts
  • Enter vendor payment terms (including discounts) once to apply to all associated invoices
  • Make and access accounts payable notes about the vendor
  • Mark vendor as “hold payment”
  • Override invoices
  • Identify vendor as “subject to self-assessed Tax 2”


  • Enter the expense or asset account charged and the system will automatically create offsetting entry to Accounts Payable
  • Payment automatically creates accounting entry to reduce the Accounts Payable and the bank by the appropriate amounts
  • Unlimited number of account distributions
  • Bank account payment frequency used by system to automatically select invoices due for payment
  • Comprehensive check printing includes printing checks on blank paper
  • Easily setup EDI payment options


  • Single point of entry for tax information used by Accounts Payable and Materials Management
  • Have up to two (2) separate tax rates
  • Set up a tax rebate calculation
  • Automatically calculate amount owing for self-assessed taxes

Global Setup

  • Enter default information to be used by the system unless overridden for a particular transaction or posting
  • Optional update balance files at time of posting
  • Options to always take maximum discount and to provide U.S. 1099 and FIA reporting