General Ledger

Track Data Across All Affinity ERP Product Suites

The heart of the Affinity ERP system, General Ledger gathers data across all the suites to help you create, import, and report financial and statistical data. With a powerful chart of accounts, you have the ability to build your own major and secondary coding and track any financial and statistical data in your Affinity ERP system.

General Ledger features multi-user, multi-fund, and multi-site functionality that allows you to report funds and facilities as individual units or as part of a larger entity. This functionality contains strong statistical tools that match all features offered within the financial General Ledger. Customize account groups to enhance reporting requirements.

With the General Ledger you can:

  • Utilize account codes logic to maximize efficiency for reporting accounts from a variety of views
  • Use wild cards to build revenue and expense templates that can be applied to hundreds of departments
  • Define the exact drill-down path for each manager
  • Streamline year-end reporting by mapping account code segments to particular equity accounts
  • Rebuild account groups to give historical information on new organization structures
  • Satisfy mandatory government reporting requirements easily with built-in reporting tools

Intuitive Journal Entry and Budgeting

  • Create recurring journal entries with start and stop dates
  • Enter back-dated and future-dated journal entries
  • Audit the prior fiscal year's adjustments
  • Import transactions to the General Ledger from third-party subsystems
  • Cut and paste journal voucher details from Microsoft Excel® or Discovery EIS
  • Reprint journal voucher postings from any fiscal year
  • Cancel journal vouchers or reverse them in future periods

Subsystem Controller

  • Manage subsystem imports and fiscal period end controls for all your Affinity ERP programs from a central location
  • Identify each subsystem’s current fiscal period
  • Manage subsystem import and period advancement
  • Advance General Ledger and subsystems from a central location
  • Create a new fiscal year in one step
  • Customize fiscal period table for the number of periods and start/end dates for each period and period name
  • Set up fiscal table for historic periods

Flexible Reporting

  • Build customized and easy-to-understand department reports
  • Drill down to source documents (e.g. invoices, payments, timesheets, etc.) at the accounts, journal vouchers, and subsystem level
  • Export reports to industry standard electronic formats
  • Accurately balance sub ledger accounts with the General Ledger via easy-to-read reconciliation reports
  • Access audit trail reports for budget changes, unused journal vouchers, and inactive accounts