Decision Support Suite

Planning for Success

At times, your healthcare organization may face economic uncertainty. As a CFO, you need to plan, budget, monitor, and report results with timeliness and accuracy to allow for immediate course correction.

Knowing Where to Look—The First Step in Any Plan

Affinity ERP Decision Support starts with our Cost Accounting and Patient Costing tools that highlight the areas of your operation that are losing money or underperforming. Whether it be a particular program, procedure or physician, we can tell you where your risks and opportunities lie so you can focus on the efforts that will have the biggest impact.

Plan a Way Forward

Closely tied to Cost Accounting is our Budgeting software that lets you run various scenarios to determine which variables will give you the impact you need. From labor to supplies to the workload assumptions that drive your revenue and expenses, our budgeting tools let you pick the drivers that influence your business so you can prepare and plan for the results you want.

Forecast & Monitor Results with Transparency & Accountability

Your financial and workload assumptions post directly to the General Ledger where everything is accessible with our Excel plugin, Discovery EIS. This executive information system is the decision support solution for Affinity ERP. It is the only executive information system that puts every bit of financial and statistical data at your fingertips without information overload. It presents data in the user-friendly format you specify no matter when, where, or how you need it.

Work in Your Comfort Zone

Most importantly, as a plugin to Excel, Discovery EIS works within the financial tool that you already know and trust. This means your learning curve is minimized and your team can hit the ground running. Managers are easily engaged with drill-down, back-to-source transactions so everyone is informed at all times. The whole team can work together to execute on schedule and meet the objectives set forth in the strategic plan.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

With Affinity Decision Support, you know the path you need to success and you are fully informed on organizational and individual performance at all times. You know if the team is drifting off plan and can quickly course corrections with complete confidence.