Physician Web Scheduler

Benefits at a Glance

  • Provides 60-second, multi-facility scheduling & reduces staffing costs
  • Improves customer service & patient satisfaction
  • Manages capacity effectively
  • Automates the physician order and referral management process

Empower Physicians with Easy Online Access to Scheduling Services

No longer will physicians need to use the phone or fax to book appointments. Neither will they need to wait to schedule appointments via a “request and confirm” process with your health system. Physician Web Scheduler, an important add-on to QES, plugs physicians directly into your hospital’s scheduling services. They can see available openings in real-time and book their own appointments. The results are immediate and clear: improved physician satisfaction and increased scheduling throughput and efficiency.

Physician Web Scheduler shares data with other systems via HL7 interfacing and integrates with your QES, Medical Necessity, and Call-Back Reminder systems. As a result, you get a comprehensive, easy-to-administer scheduling system that delivers the convenience and efficiency your physicians need. Physicians can automatically generate procedure preparation instructions, questionnaires, and patient itineraries from a web browser. While patients wait in the office, physicians can even check for medical necessity and set up call-back reminders.

In addition, Physician Web Scheduler brings your hospital’s branding to the desks of physicians’ offices. It offers customizable web pages that can be branded with your hospital’s image or incorporated into a hospital’s physician portal via single sign-on capabilities. Offering these intuitive online capabilities to physicians will help ensure they remain a loyal and steady source of referrals.

Features & Benefits

Provide 60-Second Multi-Facility Scheduling & Reduce Staffing Costs

Physician Web Scheduler speeds up the scheduling process for physicians, enabling them to schedule appointments across facilities within 60 seconds. As a result, your organization can reduce staffing costs associated with scheduling call centers. Physician Web Scheduler also leverages industrial-strength security to ensure that your hospital controls access to important data.

Improve Customer Service & Patient Satisfaction

Physicians’ offices request 80% of an average hospital’s appointments. Because they are under so much pressure to operate efficiently, physicians are more likely to refer patients to healthcare organizations that can provide centralized scheduling services and real-time information on demand.

Effectively Manage Capacity

Physicians’ offices tend to routinely schedule patients for procedures at one specific facility. If patients and doctors’ offices begin to recognize availability at other facilities, the workload begins to shift to more facilities. Physician Web Scheduler enables healthcare systems to balance throughput to resources and equipment across the entire delivery system.

Automate the Physician Order and Referral Management Process

Integrated with QES, Physician Web Scheduler enables physicians to automatically generate orders, sign them with an electronic PIN, and then store them within your QES database. This leads to more effective communication between the physicians’ office and your facility. It also eliminates the risk of lost orders and the need to fax orders or rely on patients to bring an order with them at the time of the appointment.