Consumer Web Portal

Benefits at a Glance

  • Drive revenue by increasing the patient-base
  • Improve patient and physician satisfaction
  • Reduce call volume and paperwork
  • Increase staff efficiency

Offer Patients Easy Online Access to Appointment Scheduling

Self-service technology has clearly evolved to meet consumer preferences and the growing need for convenience. Extending this on-the-go access to patients helps drive loyalty at a time when patients are taking greater control of their healthcare. Automating patient interactions and giving them control not only addresses consumer demand, but it also drives efficiency and is the entry point for accurate electronic record keeping.

A critical add-on for QES, Consumer Web Portal offers patients direct access to hospitals, enabling them to conveniently manage aspects of their care online. This streamlines patient access and interaction with your entire healthcare system while driving efficiency, patient satisfaction, and the bottom line.

With Consumer Web Portal, patients can log in securely and do the following:

  • Schedule, re-schedule, or cancel appointments according to rules set by your healthcare organization
  • Download forms
  • Review appointment information
  • Edit personal data

All of this functionality and access can be easily controlled by your staff using the core QES system. Once a patient schedules an appointment, he or she can print out an itinerary that includes any necessary instructions. This eliminates the time typically need to schedule appointments or explain patient procedure preparations over the phone. It also reduces associated overhead costs, such as printing and paper supplies. By giving your patients the control they demand, your organization can focus more on procedure preparation and resource allocation across your facilities.

Features & Benefits

Drive Revenue by Increasing the Patient Base

Today, the vast majority of patients demand a convenient, online way to manage their care. Giving patients this flexibility drives new patients to your health system and increases your bottom line.

Improve Patient and Physician Satisfaction

In today’s consumer-directed healthcare environment, providers have an opportunity to increase overall satisfaction and strengthen patient loyalty by leveraging self service as a way to make everyday interactions faster and easier. CWP does just that by delivering convenient self-service options. Meanwhile, the solution helps physicians positively impact the patient experience and increase efficiency. Through its integration with our Physician Web Scheduler solution, CWP enables physicians to submit orders electronically to hospitals, saving time and reducing paperwork. This eliminates faxed orders, lost orders, and the need for patients to bring orders to appointments. Once the physician submits the order electronically, patients can then log in securely, and schedule their appointment at their convenience.

Reduce Call Volume and Paperwork

Consumer Web Portal reduces the number of calls coming in directly to the hospital or to call centers. Patients can quickly and easily schedule appointments online, download forms, retrieve information, edit personal information, and more without having to call the hospital. This increases the legibility and accuracy of the forms while reducing supply costs and duplicate effort. Hospitals simply upload the required forms to the portal one time. When the patients log in, they can fill out the forms, print them, and bring them to their appointment.

Increase Staff Efficiency

Hospital staff routinely spend a great deal of time on administrative duties, such as calling patients, managing appointments, leaving messages, explaining patient instructions, and giving directions. Consumer Web Portal allows your organization to reduce these duties and provides your staff with more time to focus on other important duties. As a result, your staff can work more efficiently and effectively, leading to an increase in morale and greater job satisfaction.