Web Patient Check In

Convenient Self-Service Anytime, Anywhere

Web check in can free your patients from long wait times and all the manual processes typically involved at the registration desk. It can also empower your patients by allowing them to pre-register for appointments, pay bills, update personal health profiles, and more—when and where they choose.

Woman laying on her couch using a laptop

Patients can manage their healthcare
anytime, anywhere

Our flexible online patient portal solution delivers on this promise of anytime, anywhere self-service. From a laptop or mobile device, patients can conveniently manage their healthcare within seconds by:

  • Creating an online profile to facilitate communication and return visits
  • Completing pre-registration and clinical forms
  • Requesting and pre-registering for appointments
  • Viewing and paying account balances
  • Viewing a clinical summary

All of these activities can be completed without the need for staffing. The results are immediately clear: satisfied and loyal patients, unassisted collections made, and significant improvements to your bottom line.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Web Portal

Already have a web-based patient portal? That’s okay! Our online solution will enhance and integrate seamlessly with your existing web portal infrastructure. Or, you can feel free to use it as your main patient web presence. The choice is yours.


  • Boost the revenue cycle with 24/7 unassisted outstanding balance payment collections
  • Reduce wait times, improve staff efficiency, and increase throughput
  • Simplify appointment scheduling
  • Ensure accurate patient records
  • Build patient loyalty
  • PA-DSS compliancy