Transform Patient Registration & Drive Your Bottom Line with MediKiosk™

Our patient self-service kiosk

Our patient self-service kiosk

First impressions count! Make the registration process a smooth and positive experience for your patients. MediKiosk™, our patient self-service kiosk, will help increase customer satisfaction and achieve revenue cycle and patient identification efficiencies. It will minimize wait times and congestion at the front desk, eliminate paper clipboards, reduce costs, and free up your staff to focus on the unique needs of your patients.

Using our intuitive point-of-service patient registration software, MediKiosk makes checking in and out as convenient as it can be. When your patients come in for service, within seconds they can:

  • Check in for an appointment using an ID card, insurance card, or palm vein scanner
  • Verify and update registration information
  • Complete HIPAA consent forms and medical history questionnaires
  • Pay copayments and outstanding balances, and set up payment plans
  • Get alerts on additional services for that day

Our Affinity Self-Service Check-in solutions, including MediKiosk, are Payment Application Data Security Standard-certified (PCI PA-DSS), helping to ensure secure payment collections and protect card holder data. And MediKiosk is the only kiosk in the market place that meets and exceeds ADA compliancy.


  • Boost the revenue cycle with unassisted point of service collections on copays and outstanding balances to include posting those amounts automatically to back end systems
  • Reduce wait times and improve staff efficiency while decreasing costs in staff printing, scanning, and manually indexing forms and payment information
  • Build patient loyalty and increase patient satisfaction
  • Manage your organization's point-of-service flow with back end tools and rules engine
  • Mitigate peak time rush with front end automation
  • Automate the forms process and index forms without staff intervention

Our Partner

We’re proud to partner with Connected Technology Solutions (CTS), a leading kiosk design and creative marketing company, to offer fully-customized, innovative kiosk hardware solutions. See CTS’s innovative kiosk solutions in action. Contact us today to learn how QuadraMed and CTS can help your organization increase patient satisfaction and revenue collections.