Mobile Patient Check In

Accelerate Your Revenue Cycle with Mobile Patient Check In

Woman using a smartphone

Our patient check in mobile app delivers the convenience your patients demand

Consider the time and costs involved in patient check in, payment, and other processes. Automating those tasks and giving patients the control they want is essential to re-allocating your resources and improving your bottom line. Since 64% of U.S. adults own smartphones, can you deliver the mobility and convenience your patients demand and your organization needs?

Well, now you can gain these advantages and more with our patient check in mobile app!

Our mobile patient registration solution puts control in your patients’ hands, letting them engage with your organization anytime, anywhere. Patients can simply use our mobile patient check-in app on their smartphone to do the following:

  • View and update a personal profile
  • Request appointments and view upcoming and past appointments
  • View payment history and pay account balances
  • Quickly check in using a Quick Response (QR) code

Whether you decide to integrate our solution into your organization’s existing mobile app, or use our mobile solution, the unparalleled patient experience is the same.


  • iPhone- and Android-capable
  • Increase efficiency and free up resources
  • Collect payments 24/7 and reduce A/R days
  • Simplify appointment scheduling
  • Avoid potential no-shows
  • Increase branding and web presence