Enterprise Scheduling

Benefits at a Glance

  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Improve patient and physician communication
  • Measure operational results
  • Coordinate complex rehabilitation appointments
  • Increase revenue & reduce no-shows

Optimize Enterprise-wide Scheduling Across Your Health System

Schedule smarter! Instead of searching multiple IT systems to schedule appointments and procedures, you can improve efficiency by managing scheduling demands across multiple facilities, departments, and disciplines—all from a single access point.

With our user-friendly QuadraMed Enterprise Scheduling (QES) solution, you can customize your facility’s specific resources, such as rooms, equipment, staff, or procedure availability, to create parameters or rules. For example, you might note in QES that a specialized radiology room is open only from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. When a scheduler searches for an appointment, QES automatically adjusts its availabilities based on this and more than 60 user-definable rules. QES returns openings to the scheduler with just a click.

QES combines the knowledge of a seasoned scheduler with robust technology to quickly complete time-consuming tasks like advanced rehabilitation scheduling, resource and equipment allocation, patient and physician outreach activities, operational reporting, and more.

Whether your objective is to accelerate your scheduling process or improve workflow, QES offers the right tools for the task at hand while improving revenue generation. QES coordinates these vital and common healthcare systems to address your needs:

  • Registration
  • Enterprise master patient index
  • Radiology information system
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Electronic medical record

Features & Benefits

Improve efficiency with a rules-based scanning engine that searches multiple facilities, departments, and procedures to ensure a conflict-free schedule. Schedule procedure requests and coordinate rooms, equipment, and staff consistently and accurately across all areas of your health system.

Reduce patient wait times with 60-second scheduling that scans for the first available appointment across all facilities with a single click.

Improve patient and physician communication with an integrated fax server that automatically generates confirmations, patient itineraries, and other instructions.

Measure operational results and identify areas for improvement with an integrated reporting feature.

Coordinate complex rehabilitation appointments while ensuring treatments are scheduled within insurance coverage guidelines.

Increase revenue, reduce no-shows, and more with a variety of add-on modules, such as Medical Necessity, a denial-prevention tool, and Call-Back Reminder.

Enterprise Scheduling Essentials

Although QES is available as a standalone product, you can purchase and add any of these powerful—and easily integrated—modules to your QES solution at any time to address your specific challenges in patient access and care management:

  • PatientID: Reduces and prevents duplicate records quickly and easily. Patient ID provides fast, accurate patient identification and effectively prevents patient identity errors and record duplication.
  • Preregistration: Expedites the registration process and reduces redundant data entry. This module also helps capture critical registration and billing information during scheduling and communicates this data to your ADT system.
  • Medical Necessity: Reduces denied claims and improves compliance efficiency. Additionally, this module automatically identifies and screens scheduled procedures for medical necessity compliance and generates Advanced Beneficiary Notices for non-approved procedure requests.
  • Call-Back Reminder: Drives improved revenue by reducing no-shows and cancellations. With its automatic notifications, your patients can confirm, reschedule, or cancel their appointments. Ensure that equipment and other resources are utilized to their optimum capacity and available when you need them.
  • Web Solutions: Improves patient and physician satisfaction by allowing authorized patients and physicians to access a hospital’s scheduling services via the Internet. With Web Solutions, you can also automate the physician order and referral management process and leverage Medical Necessity and Call-Back Reminder to continue revenue flow.