QCPR Solution

QCPR is designed with embedded proven “best practices” to ensure timely implementation, achievable benefits, and increased client satisfaction. It offers a streamlined approach to a complete electronic health record (EHR) system for healthcare organizations striving for higher quality care and higher levels of physician use. Our integrated approach increases productivity by incorporating a multitude of functions within clinicians’ standard workflow.

Additionally, QCPR is preconfigured with core components that get you up and running fast! With its foundational tools, QCPR facilitates integrated registration processes, order entry, result reporting, nursing care data capture, and an integrated medication delivery process. It also provides a Lifetime Clinical Record and is preconfigured with the following industry standard and best-practice features:

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System Components and Features

Barcode Medication

Increase patient safety and streamline workflow

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Computerized Provider Order Entry

Improve delivery and management of patient care

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Controlled Medical Vocabulary

Organize healthcare language with QCPR’s Controlled Medical Vocabulary

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Discharge Instructions

Improve patient understanding and communication

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Reduce medication errors and increase patient compliance

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Health Information Management

Automate quantitative analysis of your medical records

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Integrated Medication Management

Improve care team communication throughout the medication lifecycle

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Securely exchange patient data between healthcare providers

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Laboratory Information System

Provides full departmental functionality for general lab and specialty areas

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Patient Access Module

Give your patients access to their clinical information

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Problem List

Effectively manage patient health problems

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Radiology Information System

Radiology software for even the most complex environments

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Rehabilative Service and Long Term

Address specialized reporting requirements for Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation facilities (IRF), long-term care facilities, and outpatient care

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