Patient Access Module (PAM)

In the past, offering your patients convenient online access to their clinical information put you on the cutting edge. Now, it’s a necessity and absolutely critical to driving efficiency and ensuring the financial viability of your health system. Your patients and their families demand access to their personal health information, so that they can be actively engaged in their own care. Ultimately, your ability to provide this access can determine whether they choose your health system.

Patient Access Module

QCPR’s Patient Access Module is a user-friendly, online solution that empowers patients to securely access their clinical information, transmit it to other providers, electronically sign consent forms, and more. Along with other information, patients can review active medical issues, procedure test results, lists of current medications, discharge instructions, and education materials.


  • Empowers patients to view, download, and transmit their clinical information
  • Encourages adoption and frequent use by patients
  • Safeguards personal health information with industrial-strength online security
  • Increases efficiency and assures patient satisfaction
  • Helps you successfully meet meaningful use requirements