Health Information Management

Medical Records/Health Information Module (HIM) provides both derivative information and operations assistance to the medical records/health information department. HIM uniquely automates quantitative analysis of medical records and automatically places incomplete records into review queues for completion by appropriate providers.


  • Unit record numbering
  • Electronic chart maintenance - Reg/ADT functions
  • Electronic chart printing on paper or portable encrypted device
  • Electronic chart copy requests tracking
  • Chart sequestration
  • Audit Tracking
  • Discharge analysis processing
  • Transcription processing
  • Indexing
  • Deficiency identification and management
  • Coding/abstracting
    • Fully automated abstracting
    • Abstract queue manager
    • Abstract criteria analyzer
    • Audit trail features
    • Encoder/grouper interface
    • Clinical and financial optimizer
    • Facility-specific coding prompts and messages
  • Physician-specific messages and prompts
  • Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA)