Electronic Health Record - QCPR

QuadraMed’s Computerized Patient Record (QCPR) provides a complete, ONC-ACB Certified electronic health record (EHR) solution that integrates all aspects of patient care into a single, confidential electronic patient record. These comprehensive care records can be exchanged easily between health organizations and communities. QCPR can address your toughest challenges with these valuable features:

  • Clinician-centric, patient-centered user interface
  • Comprehensive clinical decision support
  • Enhanced problem-based workflow
  • Interoperability with other providers and health information exchanges
  • Embedded computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE)
  • Integrated medication management (IMM)
  • Enhanced patient cautions, including allergies
  • Controlled Medical Vocabulary (CMV)
  • Security/confidentiality/audit Log
  • Advanced data reporting and analysis

Our EHR solution is ideal for any health system striving for increased physician use of EHR technology. It has one of the highest physician adoption rates in the industry. As your health system changes, QCPR’s flexible design model can be customized without the need for additional programming.


  • Integrates clinical information into a single, patient-centered electronic record
  • Improves patient care, quality compliance, and staff satisfaction via at-a-glance, real-time, web-based clinical decision support capabilities
  • Reduces medication errors
  • Industry-standard interoperability allows secure exchange of health information between providers and patients
  • Improves compliance with CMS meaningful use regulations and other federal agency requirements

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