Canada Certifications

QCPR supports the requirements mandated by provincial Ministries of Health, those prescribed by Healthcare Professional Organizations and from Canada Health Infoway.

For Quebec in particular:

  • QCPR is certified SIGDU and SQIM.
  • QCPR is certified by the College of Nurses of Quebec for its Therapeutic Nursing Plan (TNP) which in embedded in QCPR
  • The postal code file M34 from the Ministry of Health and Social Services is included in the basic software of QCPR and updated yearly
  • QCPR is the only EHR conform to Quebec Bill 83 in Quebec. With its unique architecture option "Condo", patients, visits and results are unique to a particular institution. A view through condos is possible for clinicians with the patient's permission.
  • QCPR supports the Provincial Cancer Registry (QCR) and was first to export successfully the required data to the Provincial Cancer Registry
  • QCPR is certified on the Quebec RTIM network (Health & Social Telecommunication Network Certification)
  • With QCPR 6.1 (available in Q2,2015) QCPR will support the Unique Identifier Number (NIU) in its base software and will be able to communicate with the Provincial Patient Registry.

For Ontario, in particular, QCPR supports:

  • An automatic online validation of the OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) card
  • The documentation of InterRAI assessment
  • Certified web forms by CAP (College of American Pathologists) for synoptic reports
  • Interface to Connect project GTA (Greater Toronto Area) which allows sharing of information for the region

The Pan-Canadian standards:

  • QCPR complies with Canadian standards for privacy and security (Federal Declaration on the Protection of Personal Information (PIPEDA)) as well as provincial acts on the Protection of Information (PHIPA, Personal Heath Information Protection Act)
  • QCPR supports a local model, regional and global exchange of health information, based on HL7 standards of interoperability and patients access (viewing / downloading)