Solutions - EHR, HIE, & ACO

Whether you are implementing a new EHR or patient portal, preparing to participate in an exchange initiative or ACO, or providing technology support for merger and acquisition activities, a robust EMPI capability is an essential tool to position these initiatives for success.

EHR/Patient Portal Implementation

Successful adoption of EHR and patient portal technology can be significantly compromised by data quality issues in the EMPI. Duplicate patient records result in fragmented clinical information, which impacts providers and patients alike. This challenge can be more complex if your organization serves a larger proportion of the care continuum. QuadraMed’s EMPI technology has been proven to significantly streamline patient registration to facilitate patient access, reduce duplicate patient records, boost patient identity integrity, and improve overall patient safety and patient and clinician satisfaction.

HIE – Support Master Data Management Across Organizations

A key requirement for Meaningful Use Phase II — the ability to electronically exchange information between systems — is absolutely dependent on the accurate patient identity management across systems. QuadraMed provides enterprise master person index technology that ensures patient identity integrity.

Accountable Care – Make Accurate Patient Identity Management a Priority

Of course, it’s always been essential to accurately identify patients at every touch point across your enterprise — but today patient satisfaction, quality, and safety mean more to your financial health than they ever have.

The emergence of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that share information across many facilities makes the need for accurate patient identification paramount.

Your organization’s EMPI can be a strategic, enterprise-wide business resource. It all starts with identifying the right patient across facilities and organizations, and ensuring safety throughout. It’s also critical to:

  • Empower your staff to better recognize loyal patients
  • Improve and personalize patients’ experience
  • Increase revenue through loyalty and targeted marketing and incentives
  • Understand how your ACO enrollment data aligns with your known patient population