Patient Access Suite - SmartID® and Extensions

The ability to locate the right patient record during the registration process can be a challenge—particularly when certain demographic details are missing and your staff is searching through data across several facilities. Retrieving the correct patient record quickly can be an even greater challenge.

Bolstered by an advanced probabilistic matching technology, QuadraMed’s EMPI Patient Access Suite ensures the right patient is identified across your enterprise every time and in a timely manner. The result: a streamlined registration process for your staff and patients, improved patient safety, and fewer duplicate records.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensure fast, accurate patient record selection during registration and scheduling. Advanced probabilistic matching technology, enterprise-wide patient data access capabilities, and support for active integration helps ensure your staff always run relevant patient search queries and identify the right patient during registration and scheduling.
  • Reduce the creation of duplicate records. Reliable patient search results are consistently provided, even when some patient demographic details are missing. This results in fewer duplicate records and a cleaner, easier-to-manage EMPI.
  • Improve patient safety. MPI data integrity errors and duplicate records create patient-safety risks that may negatively impact operations.
  • Integrate with your current HIT systems. Active desktop integration capabilities ensure a seamless, non-intrusive workflow with most HIT applications.
  • Reduce time spent training staff. Your staff will be up and running in no time thanks to an easy-to-navigate, intuitive solution that supports a broad variety of search combinations and presents them via an intuitive portal interface.
  • Support ongoing process improvement initiatives. Fully integrated with auditing and reporting capabilities, SmartID® supports evaluation of end-user duplicate creation, search & selection accuracy, and other process enhancements.
  • Meet your scalability needs. Our solution intelligently scales to meet the needs of any size implementation—whether for a single facility or across an entire enterprise.

Solution Extensions

Card Swipe

Add-on card swipe devices enhance the accuracy and convenience of QuadraMed’s EMPI Patient Access Suite. These devices read the encoded demographic information contained in the magnetic stripe or 2D bar code of the patient’s state driver’s license. By simply swiping the patient’s card, the encoded demographic information automatically performs a search of the QuadraMed EMPI. If the patient is not located in the index, all of the information scanned from the driver’s license will be carried forward into the registration system to populate the new patient’s demographic information.

This functionality can be further enhanced with the addition of image capture allowing the registrar to associate the scanned image of the patient’s card to their record. This supports an additional layer of identity assurance at the point-of-service.

Biometric Authentication

QuadraMed and HTS PatientSecure® have partnered to bring about a rapid, unobtrusive 2-factor authentication process that combines highly accurate patient identification with leading edge biometric patient authentication technology. This combined offering brings both the strength of QuadraMed’s probabilistic matching EMPI solution and PatientSecure, the nation’s most adopted biometric patient identification system, together into a patient identification workflow that:

  • Improves patient safety
  • Eliminates duplicate records and overlays
  • Provides fraud protection
  • Enhances the patient experience
  • Fits both attended and unattended workflows


The partnered solutions of QuadraMed and LifeMed ID increase patient identification accuracy and facilitate patient identification and medical record matching improvements throughout the health care ecosystem. Enhanced care coordination is achieved through the combination of QuadraMed’s services and software and LifeMed ID’s complete compliment of technologies.

Starting with QuadraMed’s in depth MPI data analytics and cleanup services, existing duplicate patient records are reconciled and bogus records are noted and retired, thus establishing a stronger platform upon which LifeMed ID is deployed. LifeMedID’s ability to positively authenticate the individual and maintain the patient’s identity across disparate systems while automating the front end workflow process establishes the most comprehensive patient identity management solution on the market.

The combined offering brings forward the strength of QuadraMed’s probabilistic matching EMPI solution and the LifeMed ID patient identity solution:

  • Provides a single and true identification for all patients at all points of care
  • Avoids the complications and cost encountered with the occurrence and resolution false positives and false negatives by diminishing keystroke errors, misidentification, fraud, and duplicate testing
  • Eliminates the inadvertent creation of duplicate and overlay records
  • Enables both workflow scenarios where the patient is and is not present to self-identify
  • Establishes cost containment by ensuring clean data and processing payments at point of service for an overall reduction of A/R days, outstanding balances, and denied/returned claims
  • Supports efforts in meeting government regulations, such as Meaningful Use
  • Increases efficiencies in registration and workflow processes, resulting in measurable business and clinical ROI, and increased patient satisfaction
  • Drastically reduces medical identity fraud and misidentification

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