Enterprise Indexing Suite - SmartIX®

What Our Customers Say

"QuadraMed was chosen because they were willing to partner and they had the most sophisticated matching algorithm out of the three vendors we had looked at. The number one critical factor is data integrity. By having this regional enterprise master person index, we’ve been able to do many different types of analysis and take it to the next level."

—Theresa Mendoza
Dallas-Fort Worth
Hospital Council


Identify, resolve, and manage the accuracy of your core healthcare data within and across multiple facilities and health organizations with QuadraMed’s Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI). This powerful, easily integrated EMPI solution suite is specifically designed to tackle the complex challenges of managing data accuracy within, and establishing data linkages across multiple data sources in a healthcare setting.

Award Winning Solutions—QuadraMed’s EMPI ensures that information can be easily linked, even if the data isn’t an exact match. The solution recognizes common data variations and quality issues and uses advanced probability calculations to confirm matching data.

Works Seamlessly in Your Environment—QuadraMed’s EMPI can be implemented with your existing technology. It provides your organization with a seamless addition to your current information systems, and it improves system performance with its focus on one task: effectively managing patient identification.

Advanced matching capabilities—The high accuracy rate of our industry leading EMPI solution is due to the probabilistic matching algorithm it uses to analyze records. Through a combination of advanced, probabilistic, statistically valid analytical processes that tune matching accuracy to your data, coupled with flexible, user configurable matching rules, our EMPI can accurately identify, resolve, and manage same-source duplication and cross-source linkages.

Features & Benefits

  • Identify and link data from disparate systems. QuadraMed’s EMPI improves the accuracy of patient and provider identification to support patient care and health information exchange.
  • Improve Meaningful Use compliance. Better patient identification and a clean EMPI provide a strong foundation for your organization to meet the objectives of Meaningful Use. The solution supports the applicable IHE interoperability standards for participation in health information exchange initiatives.
  • Spend less time updating or reviewing multiple MPI systems for additional patient information. Our EMPI solution suite can be customized to include additional data you’d like to analyze and collect.
  • Improve patient safety. MPI data integrity errors create patient-safety risks that may negatively impact operations.
  • Increase physician confidence. An EMPI database free of duplicated or fragmented records increases clinician confidence.
  • Improve internal data sharing. Establishing accurate identification of patients and providers across multiple sources allows you to more efficiently share information collected in one source with another source, helping to keep your systems up to date.
  • Increase the total value of your MPI systems. With add-on modules and services, we provide all of the tools needed to resolve your toughest identity management challenges.

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