Data Stewardship Suite - SmartMerge & SmartManager

Overcoming the challenges involved with patient and provider identity management can be taxing on your organization’s resources—often with few tangible successes. Important data about patients and providers is being collected and stored in multiple locations and systems throughout your enterprise, so you need effective, flexible solutions to help manage the reconciliation process.

That’s why our industry-leading EMPI solution, includes a powerful solution for data stewardship that helps your staff easily identify errors in your MPI. You can manage the tasks for correction of duplicate records, overlaps (cross-facility matches), and overlaid record errors across a distributed organization.

Potential EMPI data quality issues are instantly detected by the EMPI and added to dynamic work queues with configurable displays that facilitate rapid decision and quick resolution. Robust workflow tools aid in the correction process and allow you to monitor complex, distributed tasks across your organization and workforce. Robust reporting and analysis also allow quick identification of sources and causes of errors so you can take corrective action.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensure quick, efficient review of patient and provider identity issues in the MPI
  • Improve the process of merging duplicate records
  • Establish and maintain a clean MPI in less time
  • Promote enterprise-wide collaboration and data integrity improvements

Solution Extensions

Custom automation of complex, labor-intensive manual merge processes required to correct MPI errors in hospital information systems.

  • Automates repetitive processes for record consolidation
  • Increases staff productivity and throughput
  • Eliminates data entry errors

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