EMPI Solution Suite Overview

You rely on core healthcare data to provide optimal care for your patients and manage your business. The ability to accurately and consistently link records for patients, providers, and other entities within and across various databases and systems in a health care enterprise is essential to providing quality case, preventing unnecessary workflow disruption, and minimizing expense.

Our Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution suite is equipped to help you achieve and maintain a solid platform for managing your core healthcare data. With EMPI, your data can support efficient operations and enable strategic initiatives, such as EMR and web portal deployments, data exchange, and analytics initiatives. The solution stack allows you to efficiently identify, resolve, and manage your records.

MPI Suite Overview

Our EMPI solution suite

Key Components of the EMPI Solution Suite

Enterprise Indexing Solutions—Identify and link records within and across multiple sources. We offer indexing solutions for:

  • Patients—Includes patients and other persons (guarantors, next of kin, etc.).
  • Providers & Entities—Physicians and other clinical providers.

Data Stewardship Suite—Identity issue management for data stewards.

  • Issue Management—View, manage, and resolve identity issues within and across source systems.
  • Workload Management—Assign, manage, and track completion of issue resolution tasks.

Patient Access Suite—Proven tools for accurate patient identification and improved data capture at point of service.

  • Active Searching—Enterprise-wide patient search and selection, and duplicate prevention.
  • Point of Services Solution Extensions—Minimize data entry errors and improve data collection accuracy through data capture device. Improve identification accuracy with integration to biometric and/or Smartcard authentication technology.

InterSystems Ensemble Platform

Our EMPI solution suite runs on the InterSystems Ensemble universal integration platform—the first fusion of a data server, integration server, application server, and portal development software in a single, seamless product. Because it merges all integration, development, and management capabilities in a unified, easy-to-use environment, Ensemble dramatically reduces the complexity associated with integration projects. It also enables extremely fast integration and rapid composite application development of the broadest range of healthcare solutions.

Both the QuadraMed EMPI application and its InterSystems Ensemble platform are proven to provide extremely high performance and business continuity in a healthcare setting.