Is Your Acuity Making You Sick?

Do your patient/staff assignments:

  • Keep you up at night?
  • Result in a migraine?
  • Give you heartburn?
  • Raise your blood pressure?
illustrated nurse sneezing
illustrated nurse sneezing

End the Agony!

Learn the art of assignment making with AcuityPlus, the longest tenured classification system in the industry!

Staffing based on patient acuity is central to ensuring quality patient outcomes, a stable nursing workforce and financial viability. Acuity-based staffing systems valuably augment nursing knowledge and judgment, and assure accurate and safe staffing. A strategic, evidence-based nurse workforce plan enables a new level of CNO and CFO partnership to support the highest possible quality of patient care, staff safety and cost management.

Get a Dose of Acuity-Based Staffing

Join us and our long-time client, Parrish Medical Center, on October 12, 2017 to learn how acuity-based staffing can improve patient safety, enhance staffing effectiveness, decrease operational costs, and more!

smiling illustrated nurse holding a tablet device

AcuityPlus Webinar | October 12, 2017 | 1-2 PM EDT

You’ll learn how to:

  • Stop losing sleep over assignments—Equitable assignments reduce patient risks, improve discharge management, increase staff satisfaction, and promote cost effectiveness!
  • End migraines over patient classification—It takes zero minutes to classify a patient!
  • No more heartburn over effective care measurement—Match patient complexity to staff expertise with ease!
  • Lower your blood pressure—Capture the right data to measure the relationship between continuity of care and patient outcomes!

Show Me the Cure!

About the Speakers

George Edwin Loftin

Vice President of Acute Care Services/CNO, Parrish Medical Center

George Edwin Loftin
LeeAnn Cottrell

LeeAnn Cottrell

Executive Director – Information Governance, Parrish Medical Center

George Edwin Loftin is a progressive senior healthcare executive who cultivates a culture of loving care and patient-centered excellence that enhances evidence-based nursing care. Mr. Loftin is currently enrolled at University of Central Florida in the Executive DNP program, earned his Master of Business Administration degree from East Carolina University, and his Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Atlantic Christian College. He is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a member of the American Organization of Nurse Executives. Mr. Loftin is an invited national and local speaker and is an active leader in his community.

LeeAnn Cottrell is an innovative leader who achieves meaningful results within her practice, while also maintaining a personal, caring, and person-centered focus on building strategies for safe patient care. She possesses an unyielding passion for upholding a culture of healing and safety, as well as the utilization of LEAN principles to achieve and maintain positive outcomes. Ms. Cottrell is an expert in conceptual and strategic methods for mapping and detailing data to promote safe patient outcomes.

About Parrish Medical Center

Parrish Medical Center (PMC) is a 210 bed, independent, not for profit organization located in Titusville, FL. PMC has been recognized as America’s #1 Healing Hospital, 2016 The Joint Commission Certification for Integrated Care; 2016 Safe Care top 100, 2014 Consumer Reports #1 Safest hospital in Florida, a Platinum performer in the Vizient HEN program, maintains Joint Commission Disease Specific Certifications, JD Powers & Associates Distinguished Hospital for Inpatient Experiences; and Health Grades Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence and Outstanding Patient Experiences. PMC is also a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

5 Key Elements to Our Prescription

Our AcuityPlus evidence-based staffing solution focuses on the 5 Rights of Staffing, which are critical to achieving an optimum balance:

nursing staff icon

The RIGHT number of staff...

icon of head with two gears on the brain

with the RIGHT skill level...

icon of hospital bed with medical sign above

in the RIGHT place...

icon of clock at 9 AM

at the RIGHT time...

icon of clipboard with large check mark

with the RIGHT assignment.

An Evidence-Based Cure for Nurse Staffing Headaches

See what our happy (and now healthy) users have to say!

Webinar attendees will receive our 2016  AcuityPlus National Benchmarking Inpatient Data Book a $500 value!

By leveraging automated staffing tools, hospitals not only can comply with state enforced safe staffing laws, but can also avoid nurse burnout and retain experienced nurses, save invaluable hospital resources and achieve better patient outcomes—ultimately saving lives.

—Lolla Mitchell

MSN, RN, Director, Nursing Operations & Clinical Practice,

Pomona Valley Hospital

[AcuityPlus] is an invaluable tool that augments the clinical judgment and knowledge of staff in ensuring that patients are cared for by the appropriate number of nurses with the appropriate level of skill and experience to ensure optimal safety at all times.

—Senior VP of Patient Care & Chief Nurse

A 950-bed Top Teaching Hospital, Northeastern United States

This is the only evidence-based benchmarking data book on the market! With it, you can:

  • Identify opportunities to improve your performance
  • Compare your performance with similar organizations across the country to enhance your performance improvement activities
  • Pinpoint best practice options exclusively through acuity-adjusted benchmarking

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